Frequently Asked Questions


The NeatCleats Original is, as the name suggests, our first version of the NeatCleats. It comes with a heavy-duty 10cm Carabiner and fabric strap. The Align is our most recent version. It works in the same way as the Original but with the added functionality of helping you align your cleats with the pedal axis and centerline marks that are on it. It also has the option of printed personalisation. 

There are several cleat types and knowing which version you have is important. Watching this video is the best way to find out which version you have. 

Yes, you can download the manual from this link -

NeatCleats Align Manual

NeatCleats Calibration tool 

If you're in the EU, as long as your order is less than 150 Euro, you will NOT receive any additional duties or taxes. 

The Speedplay Align, Wall, and Original will fit any version of Speedplay. The Alignment function on the NeatCleats Align will only work with the Zero Aero cleats 

Returns and Shipping

Shipping times vary, but generally they are -

  • UK - 3 to 4 Days
  • EU - 7 to 10 Days
  • USA and Canada - 3 to 4 Days
  • Rest of the world - 7 to 14 Days 

Yes, definitely. You are welcome to request a refund within 14 days of purchase. You can download the returns form from this link: Returns Form